Monday, October 26, 2009

Stew Leonard's boy!

Connor's First Grade went to the Stew Leonard's on a field trip and had a tour. Well he got a paper hat there and he wore it all day. This is how I found him laying in bed that night. Cute boy!

Sunday, October 25, 2009

Bike Ride

Caroline and I decided to go on a long bike ride, we tried to take pictures of the leaves changing but our cameras just don't capture all of the beauty! Here's our attempts!

Saturday, October 17, 2009

Bathtime Mohawks!

Tonight while I was washing Connor's hair I got a little creative! I love playing with their hair!!!

School Harvest Festival

Today I took the kids to their school's annual Harvest Festival. They had a lot of fun and had fun seeing a lot of their friends!

Here they are decorating pumpkins with stickers and glitter glue

Just hanging out eatin' popcorn and drinking apple juice!

They had a bouncy thing in the gym that the two younger kids kept jumping in over and over again!

Caroline and her purple vampire teeth! AHHHHH!!!

The amazing hayride they had!

A cute girl who had a fun day!

We have soooo much fun together!

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Playing Around!

Today while Caroline was at Activity Day Connor and Christina and I went across the street to where there was a little place with a haunted house, haystack maze, hayrides, pumpkin patch, etc. Here are some pictures of our adventures!


They had some cute painted pumpkins...

...and some not so cute ones...

The haunted house!

The kids running through the hay maze

Connor finishing the maze!

Christina was very good at the maze


Sunday, October 11, 2009

Roz's Birthday!

Today was Roz's birthday! Happy Birthday!!! What a day we had! For Caroline and I it started at 7:30 am, too early for a Saturday! Caroline and I had decided that we wanted to put stars all over the walls and the quote "If I had a star for every time you made me smile, I'd be holding the night sky in my hand" on the wall. Then on the big stars Caroline had written things she loves about her mom, things her mom does for her, happy birthday, and things like "You're the Best", "#1 Mom", etc. Here's what it ended up looking like:

So after taping and taping and taping stars up onto the wall we finally started breakfast so that we could take their mom Breakfast in Bed. We made her waffles, eggs, and coffee, with fruit on the side. She got her coffee in a new mug that had pictures of her and her kids on it, way cute!
Then after breakfast I gave Roz my present because I knew the kids would want to help with it, it was a scavenger hunt! So I gave her a card and with it was the first clue which said:
"I didn’t know what to get you, but I think you’ll agree
I got you normal things you can do with me!
This first one is a pretty good flick,
Go find it; it’s where we hang out when the kids are sick."
So it was a movie and it was on the couch in the family room because when the kids are sick they always sleep on the couch and watch movies. So after she opened that gift there was another clue which said:
"This next thing you should do with me too,
if you don’t I’ll probably keep bugging you!
I know where it is and I’m no liar!
It’s in the basement where we have a fire."
So she went down to fireplace in the basement and found a thing of scrapbook paper, because I keep asking her to scrapbook with me, hence the part in the clue about bugging her! The paper had another clue on it, it said:
"This is something you love to eat,
At the movies or even in bed, it’s really a treat.
If you want to find it, I have information you lack.
It’s in the cupboard where you can get a snack."
This was a box of Junior Mints (Roz really likes Junior Mints) and it was of course in the snack cupboard. The next clue was:
"Caroline may never understand why you like this one,
Don’t share with ME I may turn and run!
But this is something that Connor would choose.
Go to the place where we keep our shoes."
This was a 2 liter bottle of Coca Cola, from the clue you can guess that Caroline and I really do NOT like Coke, but Connor and his mommy love it! It was in the Hall Closet....the next clue said:
"The next one is a game with a spin,
Hopefully sometimes you’ll win.
But even if you lose you’ll learn to forgive,
It’s upstairs where Froggie and Grumpy live!"
Roz didn't know where this was, but that's why she was doing it with her kids! I have a few stuffed animals on my bed and one is one of the seven dwarfs Grumpy and another is a frog that Christina loves and calls Froggie, so the clue was saying the next present was on my bed. It was this new Phase 10 game called Phase 10 twist. I hope it's fun! The next clue said:
"This one’s something fun to do,
Listen it’s an easy clue!
If you want to call a taxi don’t look outside,
Call Connor Bonnor he’ll give you a ride!"
Connor has this little car he loves to ride around and around and around the house. Well a lot of times when he's on it he'll start yelling taxi and his sister's can get rides to different parts of the house. So the clue was of course referencing this little car. There was a puzzle wrapped on it. And one more little note that said:
"I hope you had fun with my little game.
I enjoyed making it and I’m sure looking was the same.
I hope you have a great birthday and another good year!
How could you not, you have a better nanny and family than anyone near!"
which of course is true :o)
I'm not the best rhymer eh? haha, it's not easy making everything rhyme ok?!

Later that afternoon the family and I went Apple Picking! It was so much fun and my first time ever! Caroline was amazed that I had never done it and she does it every year! Here are some pictures from Apple Picking!
Here's Caroline and Connor on a tractor, Connor was in heaven!

Caroline said I had to eat the first apple I I did...and it was yummy!!!

hmmmm....what tree should I pick from?

Picking an apple

The beautiful autumn trees in the distance

I got this amazing picture of the sky, doesn't it look awesome?!

There was a petting zoo next to the Orchard so we went there afterwards

Later for dinner a few of Roz's friends came over for dinner and cake. Here's Caroline and her friend playing with their dinner!

Here's the beautiful Carrot Cake I made all by myself! I'm amazing huh?!

Roz blowing out the cake with all of her helpers!

My Loyal Followers