Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Love it!

Ok this post is for anyone (especially my family!) who knew me when I was little! We have an old player piano at our house and a lots of different music you can put on it to play, well as a child I LOVED the music from the musical Annie. I LOVED IT! So I would put it on the piano and I would sing and sing and sing. Everyone in my family got so sick of Annie! I think that some of my brothers still actually hate the music because of this...sorry...
Well guess what! The kids I nanny for LOVE Annie! We listen to the music in the car and in my room a lot! It's sooo great! I still love the music and pracitcally have all the words memorized from my younger days! I'm so glad I still get to listen to it!

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Well today we decided to go to the beach! My friend Sydney whose in my ward and also has a 6 year old boy who she nannies has play dates with us a lot and our 6 year old boys are great friends! Well Syd decided she wanted to go to the beach by their house and invited us to come along! It was sooo much fun! I love that I live soooooo close to the beach now!
Here's Connor and Robby! They're so fun together!
Haha and here's them being silly!
Caroline and Christina playing in the sand



We had sooo much fun and no one got sun burnt, they must have the most amazing nanny ever!

Monday, April 27, 2009

Sunday fun!

Christina in her new pink dress she got for her birthday!

Connor playing with his ANNOYING trumpet he got from a party he went to!

Cute, Silly Kids!

Saturday, April 18, 2009

My day!

I love where I live in this country! I'm an hour away from New York City, 3 hours from Boston and 5 hours from Washington DC. It's so fun because these are all places I love to go to, but they always took so much money and planning to take a vacation there and it was always so big if I actually got to go there! Well today I met my cousin Susanne in New York City. She was there with her Uncle and Aunt (on the other side of the family, so no relation to me). It was sooo much fun! It's so nice to be able to catch a train and be there in only an hour!

We went to Serendipity and had Frozen Hot Chocolate, if you've never tried this I would definitely recommend it! I'm going to start experimenting making it! Doesn't it look delicious?

Then we went to the Saint Patricks Cathedral on 5th Ave and we got there right before a wedding started so we got to watch the bridesmaids and the Bride walk down the aisle, it was sooooo pretty and so fun to be able to see! What a beautiful place to get married!

Then we went to the NBC store since we were right by Rockefeller Center and I got this way cute I Heart Jim shirt! I love it!

Then I was going to go home because my cousin had to catch train to Boston at 3:00, but then she suggested that since it was such a good day I should go to Central Park and read a book, so I did and it was so great! There were so many people there it was insane but it was still great! I found a tree and I sat down by it and read a book, it was sooo happy! I definitely need to go there again, next time with a blanket, a frisbee, and some friends! I love my life!

Thursday, April 16, 2009

Visiting Mom at Work!

Every other week we go to see Rosalind at work because she and the kids have a support group that they go to for losing their dad. Well here are some pictures of the fun we have playing at Mom's work!
Here's Connor giving me a peace sign in my cool glasses!

Here's a big marble tower! Remember these?! I used to have way too much fun building these when I was younger!

Christina eating away!

Caroline in my cool glasses!

Cute Christina!

Tuesday, April 14, 2009


Oh, Mom, Dad, can I take the Nintendo 64 to Connecticut with me? Sorry forgot to ask! Well you guys don't use it anyways, did you even remember we had it? At least I didn't take the Wii right? (This is for reals guys I stole the N64 and now my parents are finding out...sorry!) Don't worry mom I'm expecting a call from you after you read this...

So the family I work for doesn't ever play nintendo so I thought I'd introduce them to Mariokart and they stink! haha, it was as expected! Here's the gang playing, as you can see Caroline gets very into the turns!

I always got first and Caroline always got second...Roz was a different story...she was getting better though...

Connor LOVED it!

Caroline must have won this round because I wasn't playing...

Here's Connor when he had to give up his controller so that Christina could play, because with 5 of us of course we would make the two youngest switch off!

Basically the only one who really liked playing with me was Connor and most of the time his person wasn't moving or we were just pretending like he was playing. Roz and Caroline hated it because they couldn't get their person to stay on the track... they'll get used to it!

Monday, April 13, 2009

My trip home!

I got to go home for my birthday/easter and it was sooo much fun! I was only home for 3 days but they were definitely full! Sorry to all of you AZ friends who I didn't see, don't worry I hardly saw anyone, my weekend was jam packed with family!!!

I did go and see Lisaroot because she had a baby on April 6th and I definitely had to go see the baby because she was nice enough to be born in time for my visit! She was sooooo cute!

My little sister Katie was in the play "Seussical, the Musical", but the performances weren't until the next weekend, so I went and saw some of the dress rehearsal, it looks pretty cute! Here's Katie in her sexy costume!

Buzz Lightyear (AKA my nephew Christopher) came and visited me in my room! It was amazing!

And here's proof that I may not be as good of an aunt/nanny as I say! Here's my nephew Jonathan playing with hangers on my bed, he was soooo sad! Look at the second picture, what a cute face!

Haha and then here's where I didn't want to hold his bottle for him so I propped in on the blanket, HOLD STILL JONATHAN!

I took a lot of pictures while I was there on my mom's camera (It's WAY better than mine!) but I forgot to load the pictures onto my laptop before I left, trash!
While I was home I did a lot of things with my family! The first night I was there the whole family came over (except Becca and Rob are in Idaho and Jason's on a mission in Oregon) and we played games and had pizza and strawberry pies (that's what I wanted for my birthday!). That was the night that I met my brother Josh's fiance Amelia, she's cool, it's going to be fun getting to know her better, too bad the next time I see her will be the day before she gets married to Josh!
The next night Amelia's family came over to meet our family, she's the 3rd of 8 or was it 9? Don't know... so she had a lot of younger siblings but they were really fun! I really liked her family!
Then the next day was Easter and we had most of the family over again and had a nice Ham dinner! I'm going to miss my family, it was soooo much fun to be able to do sooo much with them! Thanks Johnny and Jamie for making the 30 minute drive everyday to come see me!

Saturday, April 11, 2009

Free Clock Giveaway!

Free Clock Giveaway
$95 Value!
Ok my friend's sister-in-law makes these cute clocks and she's giving one away and all you have to do is advertise for it on your blog to get into the drawing... so yeah I want it! But if you go to this site you can see a lot of her stuff, it's really cute, someday when I actually have a house I'm going to buy one! So yeah go look, she has some really cute ones! It's a great Mother's Day Gift too!

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Happy Birthday to me!

Here are a few pictures from my birthday! I spent the evening with the family I nanny for and had sooo much fun! My friends wanted to take me out to dinner and I asked if they would do it the day after my birthday so I could spend the evening of my birthday with the family and they looked at me weird and said, "You'd rather spend your birthday with the family you work for then with your friends?", um yep! Most of my nanny friends are soooo amazed at how well I get along with my family and how much I love to be with them!

When Roz got home from work she and the kids decorated the kitchen and the cake and I wasn't allowed to come downstairs until they were done, so when I finally came down there was a bright red table cloth, orange plates, orange napkins, Harry Potter Birthday Decorations, and a cake soooo covered in sprinkles in was very very crunchy! Here are a few of those things:

Right after they finished singing "Happy Birthday" to me Connor didn't even give me time to make a wish before he started blowing out my candles, it made me laugh sooooo hard that I had a really hard time blowing out the 3 that were left! Here's me and Caroline right after I blew out the candles!

Here's Connor! What cutie!

Tuesday, April 7, 2009


Haha this is what Connor looks like after he stuffs a WHOLE boiled egg in his mouth! His mom peeled the shell off of it for him and then he just shoved the whole thing in his mouth, it was hilarious!

Here's Christina dying eggs!

There I am!

And Caroline!!!


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