Saturday, September 26, 2009

Steam Train!

Today for Connor's birthday we went to Essex, CT and took a ride on a Steam Train! It was sooooo much fun! Thanks for having a birthday Connor! This is a picture of the actual train in the Autumn! If only we had waited a few more weeks and then it would have looked like this!!!

Here's Christina with Patrick a really good friend of the family

Funny Faces!

Caroline Modeling

Staring out the window...

Copy Cat!

Me and Caroline!

...and Roz...

Me and Maria (Patrick's wife from the picture way up there with Christina)

Halfway throught the Steam Engine we got off and got on a Riverboat, cool eh? Look at this cool Castle we could see from the train and boat!

Uh-oh you're about to get an eye kiss!!! Christina opens her eyes and mouth really big and you're supposed to touch eyes...but of course you don't!

The train we rode on

The birthday boy Connor, his friend Robbie who came with us, and Christina!

Wednesday, September 23, 2009


Ok on Saturday my friend Carrie had told me about a sandwich her old roommate used to make and it sounded NASTY! Just wait until you see these pictures and you can tell me what you think it sounds like! But I told her I wanted to try it since she insisted it was amazing, so tonight we made these incredibly nasty sounding sandwiches!
Ok step one: boil ramen noodles in boiling water for 10 seconds on each side

Then split it into two and pour 2 beaten eggs over it and cook.

While that's cooking get your bread out, on one side spread Mayo and on the other side spread Jam.

Ok then put your ramen noodle/egg thing onthe bread, then top with ham and cheese...

Add mustard if you like mustard and then fold into a sandwich

cut it in half and this is what it looks like!

Well it's not as nasty as it sounds, because I mean it sounds awful!!! I actually LIKED it!!! But I will say this, if I ever make it again I'm not doing jelly on one side. Carrie likes that it adds sweetness to it, but I'm sure I'd be fine with just mayo!

Riding a 2 wheeler!

Christina's learning to ride a 2 wheeler bike, but it's taking forever! She hardly ever looks forward and randomly stops pedaling and falls over! It's like she doesn't even know how to ride a bike with training wheels at all... plus when she realizes I've let go she stops pedaling and yanks on the handle bar and falls! Here's her best ride yet, her riding like this is rare! Oh and sorry the camera-woman is nine and it may make you dizzy!

Sunday, September 20, 2009

Happy Birthday Connor Bonnor!!!!

Today was Connor's 7th birthday! He's soooo old! Since it was a Sunday I was planning on sleeping in (my only day to sleep in!), but I woke up to, "He got a shirt, he got a shirt" and two kids running of the stairs yelling this and then hearing Roz say, "You weren't supposed to open that yet!" I smiled, rolled over and got out of bed knowing that now that I had woken up so early I was going to be able to hear everything else that went on so I might as well join in on the festivities!
Well here are some pictures from the family party we had tonight for him!
Here's his cake!

Blowing out the candles!

Haha we had a few trick candles on the cake but only one of them worked! So here it is when it lit back up! Love it! He had to blow it out a few times!

The cute kids!!! I love them soooo much!


Connor's 7!

Today's Connor's 7th birthday! I just thought I'd tell you guys 7 things I love about Connor!

1. I love that he is soooo full of love! He's always hugging me, kissing me, or telling me that he loves me! It's awful when a child gets in trouble because he's kissing you too much!

2. 452! When Connor started Kindergarden he had to memorize the number 452 because it's his bus number. Well he always talks about that number and we get really excited when we see that it's 4:52pm!

3. I love his smile! When I first came here Connor was missing his front 4 teeth for a really long time and he had the most adorable smile! Well now he's got one front tooth and another one that's almost here! But the best thing about it, that makes it Connor's that there's always food on his face! I'm constantly wiping his mouth!

4. Connor is such a good helper. When you're cooking he's always by your side and wanting to help you. Sometimes his help is less appreciated than others, but I do love to have him around!

5. Connor always cares about what I'm doing. He's always asking me where I'm going, what I'll be doing and what time I'll be home. Well "MOM"!!! Haha jk! So I always tell him what I'm up to and I love that he cares because I am used to somebody asking me those questions just not in such a little person!

6. Connor is so smart and has a good memory! He asks a lot of questions and I tell him a lot of answers and for the most part he remembers them! He's very good about remembering things and talking about them later, especially when he's telling his mom about our day and there might have been things I would have left out!

7. Connor is sooo adorable! If he's not asking me what time it is (to see when 4:52 is), snuggling with me watching a movie (most likely The Backyardigans), or helping me make cookies then he's probably giving me a kiss somewhere on my body and I'm probably a little worried that it's going to make my clothes dirty because I don't know what he's been eating! With Connor I always know he loves me (well except maybe in the mornings when we wake up for school, that's a totally different story!) and he should know that I'll always love him too!

Friday, September 18, 2009

Mother Earth

Here's the lastest puzzle that Roz and I have finished! It was insane! 1500 peices and sooooo many colors!!! This picture doesn't even give it justice, it's soooo beautiful!

Oh funny story! So I finished the puzzle and I was missing ONE peice!!! THOSE KIDS LOST MY PEICE! So I started looking on the floor but couldn't find it anywhere! Ugh! Roz looked around the room too but neither of us saw anything! So we just gave it up for lost! Well later Roz was in Connor's room putting him to bed and all of the sudden I hear, "Connor why is this in here?!" and she had found the puzzle peice in his room!!!! CONNOR THAT'S MINE! Don't know how it got in there, just glad she found it! Crazy kids!

Thursday, September 17, 2009

Phantom of the Opera

Tonight I went with Roz and the kids to go see the broadway musical "Phantom of the Opera"! It was AMAZING!!! I'm seriously in love with it!
We like to listen to the "Phantom of the Opera" music in the car and sing to it. The girls and I can get really into sometimes! Christina just loves singing it! Well not too long ago I let Caroline and her friend Elena watch the movie "Phantom of the Opera" and was very angry with myself afterwards because it really scared them. But during the days afterwards they listened to the music non-stop and asked me if they could watch it again, which I flatly said "NO!" to because they had been so scared while they watched it. Well meanwhile Rosalind gets an e-mail that says she can get discounted tickets to "Phantom of the Opera" if she gets them on a week night, so she did! She probably got them for almost half off! Since her children love the music we figured they would like the musical. Their first Musical they've seen on Broadway!!! My 4th! Roz's like 30th!
Here are some pictures from the night!
Roz and the kids on Times Square!

The Majestic where we saw the play.


Me and my buddy Christina! She sat on my lap for the last act of the play and fell asleep about half way through it. She was soooo tired and ready to go home by intermission!

It was sooooo cute! When Christina's favorite song started she started to sing to it and I quickly covered her mouth and whispered to her, "No singing Christina, just listen!"
I loved everything about the play! My favorite part was when she follows the Phantom down to where he lives and they go on the lake. It was amazing!!!

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Julie and Julia

Tonight Roz and I went and saw the movie Julie & Julia and it was sooooo good! Seriously the acting was amazing and it was just such a good movie! I would seriously tell anyone to go see it!
Movie Synopsis:
Based on two true stories, "Julie & Julia" intertwines the lives of two women who, though separated by time and space, are both at loose ends until they discover that with the right combination of passion, fearlessness and butter, anything is possible.
Well I had had one of my nanny friends come over to babysit so that I could go with Roz, thank you Hailey!!!! and when I came home I saw how Christina had fallen asleep! Isn't she sooooo cute? Hopefully the kids where good so Hailey will come over again and babysit the next time a good movie comes out!

Thursday, September 3, 2009


So lately we've gotten on this crazy puzzle spree! We just can't get enough of them! That big circle one is the first one we did and the rest around it are ones that Caroline did. I did the Jack Sparrow one though.

Ok this puzzle is over a thousand peices and it was sooo hard! Some of the peices just sit side by side with other pieces, so you think you have the right piece but you're not so sure because it doesn't lock into place! While we were doing it if you accidently knocked the puzzle everything would go askew because they weren't all locked in! Crazy huh?! Well Roz and I spent MANY, MANY, MANY hours on this and quite a few late nights! It was fun to spend the time with Roz and to have something that we both like to do together!

Here's my newest one. New York City!!! When I'm done with this I want to glue it together, frame it, then put it on my New York City wall in my room. The sky is going to be way hard, I just have a million BLUE peices!!! AHHHHH!!!!

Haha, we have puzzles everywhere! Caroline's been doing them on the ground even! We'll be busy for a while!!!
Another fun part about doing the puzzles is that Roz has a record/tape/cd player in that room and we've been listening to a lot of Roz's records. Good music!!!


Haha, only I would take a picture of the snack I prepared for the kids! Everyday after school I've been cutting up fruit for them instead of the usual junk they would usually eat. Aren't they soooo lucky?! They don't always think so!

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

The First Day Of School!!!

THE FIRST DAY OF SCHOOL!!! The day I've been waiting and waiting and waiting for has finally come! Look at these cute kids who are ready for school!!!

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