Friday, October 31, 2008

Losing weight...

Today I went to the doctor to check on my weight goal...if you're confused look at a post a week ago and it explains everything! Well I've lost another 4.5 lbs which brings me to 12lbs in 2 weeks! Yay for me!

Monday, October 27, 2008

Cars for sale!

My family is selling two of our cars. Here are their craigslist ads if you're interested:

2002 Toyota Tacoma, $14,750

2002 GMC Envoy SLT $8,500

Don't miss them!

I tried to post my new entries on the day I did them so they would go in order. Make sure you go all the way to Oct 4 and 5 to see three new posts! Sorry that they're in the middle of older posts!


Here's a few more pictures of cute Jonathan Hyrum! He's now almost 4 weeks old!
Here's his big brother Christopher holding him!
Here are his two very proud siblings!
Christopher and Rachael

Sunday, October 26, 2008

Moving Day!

Today I helped Chaya and Tanner Allen move into their new home. Let's just say it was a long day! Chaya picked me up at 11:00am and we unloaded her car at her house. Then we went back to her apartment and since Tanner was at work her cousin Robert helped us move the couch and the kitchen table, the couch was SO heavy and hard to get through the door! Then Robert left and Chaya and I took a few more loads to Chaya's house in her car, her car is small and it fits like nothing, so it was kind of slow going. But it was fun having all of that time to chat with Chaya, we hardly ever get to see each other anymore! Then around 3pm we had to stay at her house and wait for the internet guy to get there, he didn't get there until around 4pm and wasn't done until like tiring just sitting there waiting for him to finish! After that Tanner was done with work and he had recruited Brady to help with the moving. We got all of the big stuff out of their apartment and a bunch of the little stuff. Who would have thunk that those two had that much stuff! It was funny because later Tanner's mom said to me in passing, "Just think when they move from here they'll have twice as much stuff!"...don't know if I'll help then! jk! The hardest thing to move was their entertainment center because it's EXTREMELY heavy! I took so much time to finally get it into their house! It was such a long day, but worth it!

Friday, October 24, 2008

Emma's Birthday!

Today is Emma's 6th Birthday! She is my oldest niece! She is getting soooooo big! I hope she has a wonderful day!

Thursday, October 23, 2008

Weight Loss...oh the joys...

My dad was talking to one of my neighbors and was commenting on how skinny he was and how he had lost a bunch of weight and was wondering how our neighbor had done it. He learned of a program that he had done and I started it last week! Here's what I get to do! Six out of seven days I have to give myself a shot which is supposed to give me energy. Then for breakfast I can either have a protein shake or a tiny bit of fruit, basically muscle milk has become my new best friend! For lunch and dinner I can have either Chicken, Beef, Fish, vegetables, a few fruits...and that's basically it! No sugar, wheat, soda, fried food, milk, basically anything you love I can't have! Every week I go in for a check up and they'll give me a shot of B12 which gives me extra energy and boosts my metabolism. Today I went to my first check up and I had lost 7.5 pounds in one week! Cool eh? I'll keep you updated each week on how I'm doing! My goal is to be skinny and to have better eating habits! I'll probably only get the better eating habits!

Monday, October 13, 2008

Cabin Trip!

This weekend I went on a trip to my cabin with a bunch of my friends! It was sooooo much fun! Here are some of the pictures!

If you ask me or Brenda we always seem to get the worst seat in the car! We try to yell out every so often "Brenda stop touching me!" or "Jaimie won't stop bothering me!" and maybe a few "Are we there yet?!"

We started out our trip with a little adventure! Keirstin was driving and we had just barely made it to Fountain Hills which is only like 15 away and the light was just turned yellow and all of the sudden she says, "Yeah we're not stopping." and luckily there was space inbetween the left turning lane and our lane so she went through it and just turn right into this gas station! The light had just barely turned green for the other people so they hadn't started going yet, so that's how we were lucky enough not to get hit! Her brakes just wouldn't brake! So we carefully drove the car back and switched it for Brady's. This picture is from the second time we passed it in Brady's car.

Here's the temperature when we got to the cabin! It was pretty cold the whole weekend! Barely above freezing at some points!

We have a few of these toddler size bed's at our cabin for my nieces and nephews, Brein decided they were her perfect size! Good Morning Brein!

We have a room inside one of our closets, wierd I know, but here's a bunch of us stuck in it!

Kara brought some quads so everyone had fun riding them around in the woods and getting really dusty! Here's Josh and Brenda, looks like Brenda forgot to shave this morning!
Annie and Brein after riding the quads!
Look even a Ninjormon came to the cabin!
To better understand what a Ninjormon is watch this youtube clip, it's hilarious!

Annie thinks she's a Ninja too....but she's not...

Brady brought the biggest blanket ever to the cabin! Seriously this thing was huge!
In the picture is Annie, Tim, Kara, Jared, and Brein
We got a personal concert from Kirt and Jared!

Here's us playing a little bit of SEVENS
Annie and Keirstin got this close to kissing a Ninjormon

Keirstin, Brady, and Annie

Annie, Keirstin, and Tim

While playing a friendly little game of "Chubby Bunny" Kenny put 8 marshmallows in his mouth! Gross!

Here we all are after we went to church!
Back Row: Kirt, Tim, Brady, Josh, Kenny, Jared, Ted
Front Row: Brenda, Keirstin, Brein, Jaimie, Kara, Annie

The guys, well at least their backsides!

Ted is such a lady's man!

All of us girls!
Cleaning up the cabin!

Annie vacumming the stairs!

Josh and Keirstin
Me, Brenda, and Kirt

Tim, Kara, and Ted

Brein, Annie, Brady, and Jared

Wow Tim! Either you're strong or...fat...
The drive home!
Brein, me, Annie, and Tim

Good Bye beautiful mountains! We will really miss you!

Thursday, October 9, 2008

Jonathan Hyrum Alston

HE'S GOT A NAME!!! Who'd have thunk?! Only took them a week! My nephew who was born a week ago finally has a name! His name is Jonathan Hyrum Alston! More pictures of the cute fellow to follow!!!

Yay for the State fair!

(turn off the music at the bottom of the page so that you can hear this!)

This is in honor of the AZ State Fair starting this weekend that I put this on my blog!

Wednesday, October 8, 2008

I love you mama

I love this clip!

(I would suggest turning off the music at the bottom of my blog so that you can hear better)


Today was my half birthday! I am officially 21&1/2! I'm old!

p.s. I didn't make this cake, I found the picture online...


On Sunday me and a few of my siblings were upstairs talking and all of the sudden I hear my mom sternly saying "You know you're not supposed to be in Jaimie's room!"...she could only be saying this to 4 little kids who KNOW they can't go in there without me! She calls me down and informs me that they were on my bed eating my pretzels, I sadly look at them and tell them that those were my pretzels and that they shouldn't have eaten them. Cute little 3-year-old John-John looks at me and says, "I wasn't eating them, I was only holding them!" Got to love little kids! Can't live with them, can't live without them!


So I was sitting in my basement tonight trying to read my psychology book and all of the sudden a can hear a collar cling-clanging sound, so angrily I think it's my dog Lacy who knows she's not allowed downstairs. I go out in the downstairs familyroom and there by our pool table is a cat...we don't own a cat... How the heck did a cat get into our basement! It ended up being our neighbors cat that they had been looking for all night, I wonder how long it had been in the house! Anyone have any speculations as to how it got in? I checked all of the doors and windows downstairs, do you think a neice or nephew let it in?

Katie's got spirit...

My little sister Katie is a Sophomore at Mesa High this year and she is living it up! Here are a few cute pictures of her:

Katie was a purple person at one of the football games!
She's a member of the Junior Varsity Volleyball team and she's awesome!
Here's her team!

Neices and Nephews!

Here are some cute pictures of my neices and nephews:

Here's Gracie enjoying some yummy food! She is such a cutie!
Here's Rachael enjoying some cake!
Poor Grace was crying the whole time I was putting her in this, but then she loved the attention once she was in it! Isn't she a cute pumpkin?
You guys better watch out, I've got two spidermans for nephews!
Bear in the Big Blue House?! Christopher thought this costume was really fun until my mom wanted to take the picture and he was getting hot, thus the sad face...

Jason leaving!

Here are a few pictures of when Jason left:

These are all the men who helped confirm Jason an Elder

Here's my oldest brother Johnny and his wife and kids getting a picture with Elder Alston

My oldest brother wanted to take this picture so that when Jason got back we could see how much the little kids had grown! Emma's standing by Jason, Grace is in his lap and John-Johns on the right

Here's the small group that went to see Jason off at the airport, he and my parents went a few days early, that's why he's not all dressed up.

My parents and Jason at the MTC
My mom and Jason
My dad and Jason, look he has his dork dot!
Before Jason went to the MTC he and my parents took a trip up to Rexburg, ID to see my sister Rebecca. Rebecca got married this summer and is now living and teaching Math in Idaho. It's fun to see her name "Mrs Bingham" on the door right behind them!

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