Saturday, January 29, 2011

Happy Birthday Caroline!

Today is Caroline's 11th birthday! Geez when I started working for her family she was 8!!! How time has flown! I guess time flies when you're having fun! I love her like a sister and I'm so glad that I could join her and her family for this fun event! As you'll see in these pictures I also brought my three boys over for the fun! Enjoy the pictures!
Here Connor is helping unwrap presents!

She's excited about this present, the boys are even going to make me show it to their parents and try to get it for them. You get to make your own house!

Silly kids!

Shortly after Christmas I was at their house and overheard how jealous Caroline was that Christina had gotten a Pillow Pet and she hadn't so that's what I got her for her birthday, she loved it and carried it around with her the rest of the night! If you can't tell, it's a frog.

I love that Connor wants to take pictures of everything! It's so funny to see how his pictures turn out!

"Happy Birthday to You, Happy Birthday to You, Happy Birthday Dear Caroline, Happy Birthday to You!"

Caroline, I love your stinkin' guts! I'm so glad I can be apart of your life and that you are apart of mine! Remember how amazing you are and everything you're capable of and ALWAYS remember how much I love you! If you EVER need me I'll be there, because that's what big sisters are for!

Friday, January 21, 2011


Last Friday I had Caroline (the ten year old I used to nanny) come and spend the night with me because it was my first night sleeping in my cottage (my employers have a small little home on their property for my exclusive use, up until now it was getting painted and other things done) and so I wanted her to be there with me. Well her brother Connor was wondering when it was going to be his turn so his mom and nanny told him that he could be next (um thanks for asking me) so I decided that this weekend Connor AND Christina could come spend the night with me. It was so much fun! The three boys I currently nanny came out and watched "The Little Rascals" with us and then after that the two of them slept on my trundle bed. We had soooo much fun, this is definitely something we're going to do again! I love my kiddos!

Sweet Dreams!

Monday, January 17, 2011

Lightening Show

Here's a cool lightening show they had!


This weekend Casey and I went to Boston and had sooooo much fun! Here are some pictures!
We went to the Boston Museum of Science and it was fun to do all of the experiments. Here's one where it measures the air capacity in your lungs, you have to see how much air you can blow into the container in one breath.

This container started totally submerged and you blow air into it and then the girl measured how much you had blown into it.

Here's a view of Boston from one of the museum windows.

Casey looking at her ear and doing an experiment

They have a Lightening show that they do a few times a day and I told Casey that I remembered going to it a long time ago with my family and it was really cool so we should make sure we went, she agreed that it sounded cool. So we went and we were sitting in the audience and he asked for five volunteers, anyone who knows me knows that OF COURSE I raised my hand, Casey did not! I was one of the five who was picked. So he has us all stand up there and then he said that he's going to do a little experiment and asked if the girl in the green could help him, I was a little shocked that he was talking about me! So he explained different things about electricity and then told us about this machine that he has and how touching it should be a "hair raising" experience (hint hint) and so he had me touch it and then turned the machine on. Nothing happened. Immediately in my head I was thinking there was something wrong with me, I didn't feel any different and everyone had expected my hair to get all staticky.

But then he explained that just as fast as it was going into my arm it was coming out of me through my legs, so he had me stand on a box and this happened:

My bangs just stood up! It was so embarrassing! I was on a huge screen so tons of people could see it and I looked silly with all of my hair normal and my bangs just floating in front of my face! So I shook my head and this is what I looked like!

HOt huh?!
Then he was ready for the rest of the people who were there, he had the four people hold hands and the person on the end of the line put their hand up in a fist. Then I had to put my hand out and without even touching them I shocked them all, it was awesome and man did it hurt! You could see the electricity go between our fists, soooo cool!

The next day we did the beginning of the Freedom trail, it was fun to see so many historical places! Here's Boston Commons where the Trail starts.

Here's the lovely red line we just kept following! It was seriously sooooo cold that day! I joked that instead of being called the freedom trail it should be the FREEZING trail!

Here's one of the historical cemeteries

Where Paul Revere is buried

John Hancock is buried here also

and even Samuel Adams

Here's the inside of one of the old Church's, isn't that cool? That's where the preacher would stand and preach.

The next picture explains this one

Then we went to the Aquarium!

They had this huge tank in the middle that you could walk around, it was so cool!

Here I am picking up a hermit crab!

Crazy huh?

Love this fish!

And this random picture is because way back there in the distance is where the Boston Tea Party was, we just didn't feel like walking all the way there, we were tired!

Casey and I had so much fun!

Wednesday, January 12, 2011


Look what I saw when I woke up this morning! Crazy huh?!

Well of course it was a snow day, so I got to play with these crazy boys!

Anyone want to swing with me?
Here's a video of the boys trying to walk through the snow, it's almost 2 feet deep!

Magic LOVED the snow! She looked like she was swimming in it because it was sooo deep!

We even made an igloo, it's amazing!

We got soooo much snow that tomorrow is also a snow day! Crazy!

Saturday, January 8, 2011

Family Pictures!

While I was in Arizona my family took family pictures, here are a few of them:

I love this one of all seven of us kids!

Me, my sisters, and my mom

Daddy's little girls!

All the guys

All the girls!

My oldest brother John and his wife Jamie

and their family

My brother Christopher and his wife Maria

and their family

My brother Joshua and his wife Amelia

and their family

My sister Rebecca and her husband Rob

and their family

The photographer did an amazing job! Her name is Kacy Hughes and if you'd like to look at her blog you can find it at

My Loyal Followers