Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Cabin get-away!

This past weekend my family had a little family reunion for just my immediate family. This includes my parents, John and Delia, my brother Johnny, his wife Jamie and their three kids Emma (5), John (3), and Grace (7 mths), my brother Chris, his pregnant wife Maria and their two kids Christopher (3) and Rachael (2), my brother Josh, my sister Rebecca and her husband Rob, me, my brother Jason, and my sister Katie. It was fun that we could all go away for the weekend together, we had so much fun together! Some of the activities that we did were fishing for crawdads and later for fish, quadding, scavenger hunt, maze, bonfire, ziplines, games, etc. Here are a few of MANY pictures:

Here's the whole fam before we went to church sunday morning:

(From left to right) Christopher, Chris, Katie, Jason, John-John,
and Johnny after they rode the quads:
Josh, Johnny and Chris after riding the quads:
John-John and Christopher after riding the quads
These two are only 3 weeks apart in age so they have
lots of fun together!!!

More Pictures from the Becca's wedding

Here's my parents with Rebecca and Rob:
Rob and Rebecca right after they got married:
My whole family (plus grandmas) right before the reception:
On the steps of the Temple right after the wedding:

My Little Advertisement!

So I went to the best pedicure place ever today! It's called Quality Nails & Spa and it's on the southwest corner of Warner & Kyrene in the Home Depot Shopping Center. Their number is (480) 214-2286 if you want to try them out. But here's whats so great about them! They have a ton of way cute designs for you to pick from! It cost extra for the designs but they're sooo cute so it's worth it! Don't ask me how much it costs because I can only give you an estimate, it's an extra $10 for the design (I was already planning on paying extra for the french tip thing anyways) and I got a pedicure which included a salt scrub and caluss remover which was $25, so I don't know how much a regular pedicure is!

Here's my cute toes, don't get too jealous!!!

Thursday, July 24, 2008

Cute Kids!!!

My brother Johnny just posted this picture to our family website and I had to share it because it's ADORABLE!!! This is Emma (5), John (3), and Gracie (7 mths). I love these kids! I'll have to get pictures of my other nephew and neice on here soon!





Yay!!! I got my braces off! Well I actually got them off two weeks ago today, but I just thought that everyone should see my lovely pictures! Someday soon you'll see full pictures of me with no braces...soon...

Becca's Wedding

Well here I go, I'm making a blog and I'm going to actually use it and make it interesting for people to read! I've decided that I do actually do somethings with my life, it's not all quite a waste, so I might as well share it! Here's the latest!

Last Saturday, July 19, my older sister Rebecca was married to Rob Bingham. It's so great to see her so happy, she deserves it! It was a great day full of family and friends. Rob's family was here from Idaho, he's the 8th child out of 9, so he had a lot of family here! They were really fun, some of them were here the day before the wedding and we played wii with them and had pizza and just hung out, it was nice to know their names even if we didn't get around to learning everyone elses! We started the wedding day with a 9:45 am wedding ceremony. Katie (my younger sister, age 15) and I were in charge of our five neices and nephews (Emma 5, John 3, Christopher 3, Rachael 2, & Grace 7 mths) and were supposed to take them to the temple for pictures. Wow was that fun getting 5 kids into a minivan! But surprisingly they were all very good, even if the 5 year old was buckled up illegally! We made it to the temple and it was packed because it was the last day it was open for a few weeks, I had fun looking for a parking spot! Well Becca finally came out of the Temple and we took a few pictures out on the steps, then we headed to the church building for a 12:30 luncheon. It was a fun luncheon with good food, introductions and a few musical numbers. My parents sang a song that they had sung at there own reception 31 years ago (since then they have sang it at both of my brother's receptions also), my brother's Jason (18) and Josh (25) sang with Rob's brother David the song "My Little Buttercup" (from The Three Amigos), and my brother Johnny(30) and his wife Jamie sang "All I Ask of You" (from The Phantom of the Opera). All of the songs were so great! The reception was at Regency Gardens which was sooo beautiful! We had great salads and Fazoli's Bread Sticks and the one thing that Rebecca really wanted at the reception was Gilato, so we had it there and it was soooooo good! Everything went so well, lots of people came, everyone had a good time, everyone enjoyed the food and the music, in all it was a success!!! I'm excited to have Rob in our family! I'm so excited to get to know him better! And I'm so happy to have a Brother-in-law, FINALLY!

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