Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Red Wings Game!

So for Roz's Birthday/Christmas gift I got tickets for both of us to go see the Red Wings play the Islanders in Long Island.  Roz is a huge Red Wings fan and so she was really excited!  I was excited too because the Red Wings are a MUCH better team than the Islanders!  Wellllllllllllllll.......the game didn't go as expected!

Here's the final score:

 We still had fun though and if I'm around next year I want to go again!

Sunday, January 1, 2012

New Years Eve In Times Square!!

This year for New Years Eve I was feeling a little bit crazy and I decided that I wanted to go to Times Square to celebrate the new year!  I asked around and got all of the advice I could from people who had done it (most of which was DON'T GO!) and figured I was set, it was going to be a LONG day but at least at the end of it I could say that I had been to Times Square on New Years!

Here I am with Jess, Colleen, and Jaala in Grand Central, we're ready to start our 14 hr wait!

Walking to Times Square from Grand Central

Sitting around waiting in Times Square

The traffic could barely get through the people there were sooooo many people in Times Square!

So they are SOOOOOO disorganized!  At around 2pm the police had to get EVERYONE out of Times Square.  Then they started making little pens to put people in.  So everyone is just stuck trying to get into the pens, it was horrible people in the back are pushing and you're soooo squished!  There were a few times I thought I could die when my body was being pushed one way and there was no where for my feet to move so I was slanted, but luckily there were so many people around me that I couldn't fall even if I wanted to!  It was insane!
There was enough room that we could sit a little and so the three of us did that a lot!  We even played a game of Farkle with a guy by us because I brought dice, random I know, I lost my cards somewhere that day :(

So our Stake Presidency has asked us to bring these blue Book Of Mormon's everywhere we go, so I figured I had to bring it!  I thought I would have time to read it but it really wasn't convenient to just sit and read.  It was funny when I forgot it was in my jacket and unzipped it and it fell onto my friends lap, the guy we were talking to saw it and a few minutes later asked if we were all Mormons.  That of course went into the Musical and everything...

7 hrs...

4 hrs...

Let's just say I was keeping A LOT of things in my coat, it was hard to bend :)


Happy New Year!!!

All of the confetti falling on us!

We turned around and could see fireworks going off over Central Park at Midnight, man this city sure knows how to party!

We all survived!

There were no trash cans so we were all supposed to just throw our trash on the ground all day!  It was against everything I had ever been taught!  Such a weird feeling to just throw your trash on the ground!  Think of this ALL over Times Square, it was awful!

Well Happy New Year Everyone!  I hope your evening didn't drag on quite like mine did!  And if you're wondering whether you should go to Times Square next year to celebrate the New Years all I can say is GOOD FREAKIN' LUCK...

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