Saturday, February 28, 2009


Well tonight I had a pretty interesting night with my friends and here are just a few of the random pictures from it!
Here's Sydney and Debi, Sydney has whipped cream on her face that Debi put on her from the cake that I brought...very attractive...

haha here's Rob making a lovely face...

Sydney got her sock wet so she decided that she didn't want it anymore and that she was going to burn it, so here's her putting it on top of the wood when we were starting the fire...

Here's Syd holding her burning sock with a stick, Alex is trying to fix her hair because he pulled it out of it's ponytail, he didn't do a very good job...

Here's Syd jumping over the fire...

After Sydney jumped over the fire I looked at it and realized I could do it too, it was super easy! Here's me jumping over the fire!

Friday, February 27, 2009

Orch Dork...

Tonight was Caroline's very first Orchestra concert! She's plays the bass and she's amazing!

You can't see her face but you can see her dress! She's back there playing the bass during her concert!

Good job Caroline! You were amazing!

Thursday, February 26, 2009

Wasting time!

This is how me and Christina entertained ourselves this morning! My new laptop has a webcam on it and a fun program to take silly pictures...

and here's a cute little video clip...

Now we have to go to her music class!!! Later!


I looked out the window and what did I see? AAAAHHHH... I can't go swimming in that?! Haha here's the swimming pool in my backyard in CT... anyone care to go for a dip?!

Wednesday, February 25, 2009

My lap top!

Surprise! I bought a laptop yesterday! And I love it! Here it is! It's amazing!

Item Description:
The high-gloss HP Imprint finish in onyx and chrome now encases all surfaces visible during normal use for greater durability. The streamlined look is enhanced with a color-matched keyboard and touchpad, while touch media controls light up and become visible only when the system is powered on. Providing more choices than ever, QuickPlay enables access to DVDs, videos, photos, music, karaoke, games, and the Internet. Additional highlights include 4 GB of memory, a WebCam with integrated digital microphone, DVD burner, wireless LAN, and the 64-bit edition of Vista Home Premium.
Key Features & Benefits:
BrightView 17" widescreen LCD
Presents 1366 x 768 resolution for crisp graphics and text
2.1 GHz AMD Turion X2 RM-72 Dual-Core Mobile Processor
Furnishes 64-bit operation and runs multiple applications simultaneously without slowing down
4 GB of DDR2 system memory
Offers superior performance with today's demanding applications
250 GB hard drive, 5400 rpm
Provides plenty of storage for documents, games, music, photos and videos
SuperMulti DVD+/-RW drive with double-layer support
Lets you play DVDs and music or burn DVDs and CDs
Webcam and microphone
Enable videochat, videoconferencing and other multimedia options
802.11b/g wireless LAN
Connects to wireless home and office networks or to Wi-Fi hotspots for convenient Internet access
5-in-1 digital media card reader
Reads the most popular memory card formats so you can enjoy photos, music and other files
Microsoft Windows Vista Home Premium 64-bit Edition with Service Pack 1
Delivers stronger security and a new level of reliability while taking full advantage of AMD 64-bit processor technology

Monday, February 23, 2009

Mohegan Sun!

Well I just had a very long, but fun weekend! The family I work for decided that since they didn't have school last week they were going to go to a casino in Norwich called Mohegan Sun. I was invited so I jumped at the chance because it sounded fun. We were there Thursday through Sunday. We went with Rosalind's (the mom I work for) friend Olga and her two kids Petro and Anna, so those are the other kids in the pictures! Here are a few fun pictures from the weekend!

Haha, here's Connor ready to go! jk! I love how he has the top half of his pjs on, swimming goggles, and the diaper bag/backpack...and he's walking out the door... welp see ya later!

Well when we first walked into the Casino this is what we saw on the ceiling, it's all beadwork. There were some amazing designs all over the casino made from beads!

Here's a statue they had in the Casino, I loved it!

We had lunch at Johnny Rocket
Here's Petro, Caroline, and Christina having fun!
Oh my gosh it was sooooo funny! While we were eating Connor just started dancing in his seat! Luckily Caroline was acrossed from him and pulled out her camera to record it! Check this video out! It's soooo funny! I think the funniest part is at around 40 seconds into it he just stops dancing for a moment and looks totally normal, then he starts back up again! Love it!
The kids loved swimming! Truthfully it made me really tired! But I still had fun! Here's Caroline and Petro swimming!

haha you have no idea how many tries we had on this feet one and I still only have one of Caroline's feet!

Here's Connor doing a dance! It's a lot cuter in person, believe me!

Here's the cutest picture of Christina! Connor was stuffing his mouth full of grapes! But this is a very typical look for Connor because I often have to remind him to chew what's in his mouth before he takes another bite!

haha I'm sure his mother won't appreciate this picture on the world wide web, but it has a funny story! We were sitting by the pool and Connor stuck his fingers in his nose like this and started singing his ABC's! He just kept singing and singing! I think he liked the nasally sound that it made...but I'm not sure, he looked soooo funny!

Here's Petro and Anna sharing a Strawberry Daquari, I had a Margaritta and a Pina Coloda while I was there, virgin of course!

Here's all five of the kids that were on our trip.

Here's me and Caroline (I hate my bangs in this picture!)

And here's me and Connor!
It was so interesting to go on a trip with people other than my own family, it's always interesting to see how different I am from other people because of the way I was raised. Anna thought it was weird that I've never had a two peice swimsuit and that I wear such long shorts with my swimsuit, hey at least I didn't wear a shirt over my swimsuit, I've been known to do that too... Then it was weird to have people encourage me to gamble! Olga and Rosalind helped me out at the Blackjack tables and I ended up learning the strategies pretty well! I love blackjack! I had a great I need to catch up on my sleep...

Monday, February 16, 2009

Some cute faces!

Here are a few random pictures that I've taken so far this month! Enjoy!

Here's Connor wearing my sunglasses! I think he was eating a valentines cookie right before this and so that's what all around his mouth!
And here's Caroline wearing my sun glasses! I must have some cool glasses if everyone wants to wear them!

Here's me playing around with my hair, the kids really like it when I put it on top of my head like this, Caroline (9) says I should wear it like this to actual things...I don't think I will...

Ok isn't this like the cutest smile?!

And here's Christina!

We Like To Party!

Tonight there was a dance for the Young Single Adults in New Haven, so we drove all the way up there and when we first got there there was hardly anyone, but then people finally started showing up! A lot of people from my ward came so that was fun! Here are a few crazy/cute/weird pictures from the night!
Ok so Sydney was by far the craziest dancer there! She's psycho! Here's her rocking out to one of the songs!

Here's Kelly just being cute! She was also a crazy dancer too!

Kelly, me and Sydney! Notice how I'm the only one who doesn't have red cheeks? That's because they are crazy and I am not, well at least not when it comes to dances!

Brian, me and Stephanie

Here's Sydney when she died! She was dancing so much that she got soooooo tired!

Here's Kelly rockin' out!

Brian and Beci, you guys better watch out, I could start some rumors with this picture...

Me, Mary, and Alacia

Stephanie showing me her pole dancing skills...

After the dance we went to a diner, I was soooo tired! And the food was soooo gross that night! Here we are at the diner!

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Nate the Great!

Me and Christina went with her preschool on a fieldtrip to Fairfield University and saw them perform the play "Nate the Great", it was soooo cute and all of the kids loved it! Here are a few pictures from that!

Their set was really cute and simple! Here's just a picture of the first scene...

Christina loved the show! The kids laughed a lot which was really fun!

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

What time is it?

This is Connor, he's 6 years old and he LOVES to ask questions! One that he asks me quite frequently is "What time is it?" and he's always waiting for the answer to be may think this is a random number, but it's actually his bus number that he takes home everyday, so at the beginning of the school year he had to memorize 452... Well here are some pictures of Connor waiting by the clock for it to say 4:52 because we saw that it was almost time!

I'm a pirate! ARRRR!

Today the kids got out of school early because of the snow so we all got to play together! Here's how Connor spent a little bit of his time!
Christina loves to smile for my phone camera because before the picture it says, "Say Cheese!"

Groundhog Day!

Happy Groundhog day everyone! Today I watched one of my favorite movies to celebrate such an amazing day! If you don't recognize the pictures then you need to call me and we need to watch this movie ASAP! Enjoy:

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