Saturday, January 12, 2013

Baby Shower

This week I've been helping my friend Shannon prepare for her daughter's baby shower.  It's been a lot of loooong hours but let's face it, for Shannon I'd do just about anything!  Look at how cute everything turned out!!!

I think this banner is sooo cute!

I love the polka dots hanging from the ceiling

Isn't this cake adorable?!

These pom poms are NOT easy to make let me tell ya!  But they do look good!

Baby Jeopardy!

This game was great!  Each diaper had a melted candy bar in it and you were supposed to smell it and look at it to figure out what candy bar was in the diaper.  It was pretty funny watching people stick their faces into diapers to smell them!

The Baby Shower turned out great!  I'm so glad I got to help with it!

Saturday, January 5, 2013

Baptism Day

Today my two oldest nephews were baptized!  What a wonderful day!  I'm so proud of these two handsome boys and of the wonderful choice they've made!  Both of these boys are such good examples for their siblings, they're kind, strive to make the right choices, and both think that their Aunt Jaimie is their favorite Aunt (right boys?!)!  I only wish I could have been there with them!  Love ya Christopher and John!!!

Learn More about Baptism here!

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