Sunday, May 31, 2009

3D fun!!!

Ok I have a problem (Hannah just add this one to the list of problems ok?) and it's that I LOVE buying DVDs, well I've been doing really good since I came here, until a few days ago. Then I went to Blockbuster and they were having a sale 3 DVDs for $20 and they were newer movies that I really wanted...sooooo...I bought 9...a lot, I know!!! But one of the ones that I got was "Journey to the Center of the Earth" and so tonight I watched it with the kids and they loved it! On one side of the dvd you can watch it in 3D so it was fun sitting there with the girls with our glasses on! I was babysitting while we watched it and Roz, Bill and Bev came home during an intense 3D scene and when they walked in I just put my hand up to stop whatever it was they were going to say because I was soooo into the scene, it was really fun!

Saturday, May 30, 2009


Ok Hannah, Sofia...this ones for you!
So last Saturday night Roz's brother and his family came into town from good ol' AZ for a visit! They stayed and played on Sunday and Monday, then they left for Pittsburgh for the week and came back after school on Friday to stay for this weekend. This week they're going to Vermont and NYC I believe and then coming back for next weekend. It's going to be soooo sad when they have to go back to Arizona!!! Well it's been so fun! I'm not going to lie I'm definitely the odd duck out here, there are adults (parent adults) and kids (10 and under) and then me... 3 different generations and I'm the only one in mine, sad day, but I'm making the best of it! Last weekend I played a lot of cards with the girls and this weekend they've been helping me out with my scrapbooking addiction! Here are some cute pictures from their visit:
Cranbury Park right by our house has these great woods for hiking (ok anyone who really knows me and my hatred for hiking will be amazed that I just said a place was great for it, but it really was!) plus along the trails is a frisbee golf course, it was way fun! Here's a great picture that Hannah took of the the trail and the woods.

Hannah likes to have people make funny faces for her camera, here's mine! Some people (aka Roz) are very lucky that I'm so kind, I had access to some LOVELY funny faces and only shared this one...I might not be so nice next time!

Here's a toad that we found on the trail, Roz's brother picked it up and it peed all over him, it was really funny!

Here's from left to right, Sofia, Hannah, and Caroline

And of course a silly shot!
I don't know exactly when Christina started doing this but lately all of the pictures of her she has her tongue out in them! You'll notice that in four out of the next five pictures, I just can't get her to smile and leave that tongue in her mouth!!!!

Climbing the Spider Web by Connor's Tball game

All of the girls:
Christina, Sofia, Caroline, and Hannah

Cute Cousins! Hannah, Sofia, and Caroline

Christina with her Aunt and Uncle! And surprise, surprise, there's that tongue again!

Sunday, May 24, 2009

So tired!

I walked into the Family Room and found this cute little girl sleeping! Isn't she adorable?

Saturday, May 23, 2009

My little helper!

Today we cleaned...A LOT! Roz's brother Bill and his wife Bev came in town so we wanted to make the house look really good, well that involved a lot of deep cleaning! Here's Christina helping me wipe off the counter, for those of you who have seen this counter in real life it's never been this clean, before or after!

What a great helper!!!

Friday, May 22, 2009

slip and slide!!!

So today we decided we needed to dust off the old slip and slide and it was sure fun! Here are a few pictures of the kids!

Sunday, May 17, 2009

Six Flags!!!

Today me and some of my friends from the ward went to Six Flags in New Jersey, it was sooo much fun! Here are some of the pictures!

Me and Syd in the car ready to go!

The whole group that went with us!

A show we watched with trained seals and dolphins!

We decided to go on that thing you pay extra for that is like skydiving, do you know what I'm talking about?

Me and some of the girls!

Friday, May 15, 2009

Home Run Connor!!!!!!!!

Here are Connor's biggest fans!!!

Haha, do you think he'll actually catch it?!

Thursday, May 14, 2009

Scraping Walls...oh the joys...

Here's a little of how I spent a little of my week! Syd had told the mom she works for that she would repaint her room, but in order to do that she had to scrape off the paint on two walls where it had started to crack. Well let's just say that it was a lot more work than she had bargained for. Well she slowly worked on it for about a month and then her employer gave her a deadline which was only like a few days away and that's where I come in! Sydney and I both know that if the text starts with "How much do you love me?" than we probably shouldn't write the person back, but we both owe each other for the big things we do that we have to text back! So basically I had a putty knife and was just chipping away at the paint forever! It was hard dirty work. But it was fun being with her and helping her out! I'd do it again if I had to!


So this is how I look/feel:


I've been here for almost 5 months now and I haven't gotten sick, the family has gotten sick a couple different times with the kids staying home with high fevers and me holding them for hours and being with them all day and amazingly I never got sick at all even though everyone else in the house would get it. I think Roz (the mom I work for) must think I'm super human because I would be with the kids all day when they stayed home and never have any symptoms, what can I say, I'm tough! Well a few nights ago that all changed when I randomly started blowing my nose...

and by today I just kind of feel like trash! I'm gonna go drink my tea now... my nose hurts, my ears hurt, my throat hurts...ugh...

P.S. if this is a real invention will someone please get me one?!

Monday, May 11, 2009

Connor Bonnor, Mayor of Munckin City...

For all of you who have read my blog post a couple below about the scary cow from Stew's, this will be funny, for the rest of you GO AND READ IT FIRST!

Haha I was reading that post to Connor and the whole time he was saying "EAT ME, EAT ME, EAT ME, EAT ME, EAT ME..." seriously he just kept saying over and over...haha I love it!

Sunday, May 10, 2009


Wow, Mother's Day is tiring! I was up late last night putting hearts up all around the downstairs that the kids had decorated yesterday and cleaning the kitchen a little bit so that I could arrange the table with a picture frame and flowers I had gotten for Roz. Then I was up at 6:30am and not too much later I was with the oldest making breakfast to take to her mom in bed. I even dipped strawberries in chocolate for her. Then we brought their mom breakfast in bed, gave her all of the presents they had made in class and then sang "I'm so glad when 'Mommy' comes home" (Daddy's Homecoming), "Mother, I love you" and "I often go walking", Rosalind had never heard them before so she loved it. But the best was that after that I went to my room because I wasn't really needed anymore so I'd thought I'd let them have family time... so I went in my room and I could hear everything. The 5 year old went downstairs and then she came back up saying something about hearts and saying over and over that her mommy needed to go downstairs, so finally she gets Roz to go downstairs and I could hear everything because Roz really liked the hearts and then when there were a lot in the family room, Kitchen, and hall she was amazed that there were soooo many (tell me about it! I put them all up!)

Then she went in the kitchen and saw the flowers I had gotten, Lilacs and Roses, I could hear that she liked it and that she loved the little frame by made me happy that I had made her happy! Earlier in the week I had made Caroline ask her what her favorite flowers where and she had said lilacs, then she added that she also loved roses. Well I called the flower place and asked them if they had any arrangements with lilacs and she said she could make whatever I wanted, then she said she would even add roses if I wanted...SOUNDS PERFECT!
sorry you can't see the picture, it's Roz and the kids... Here's the pic that's in the Frame...

Then I started cleaning the kitchen and trying to prepare stuff for dinner and dessert that night. Sadly I didn't help as much with dinner as I wanted to, but only because I didn't really know how to make most of what she wanted! So I made a Strawberry Spinach Salad and cut up Strawberries and Rubarb for a Strawberry Rubarb pie that Rosalind later put together. We also had Steak and Mashed Potatoes, yummy!
Then later tonight I got to talk to my brother Jason whose on a mission in Portland, Oregon. He gets to call home on Mother's Day and Christmas and so my family calls a conference line because we're all spread out, so we all get to talk to him! I miss him soooo much! But he sounds great and sound like he's having a lot of amazing experiences!
Well now it's after midnight and I've been awake for 18 hours and I'm dead! I need my sleep because I have work tomorrow! I hate to say this but I'm glad Mother's Day is only once a year, course I won't be saying that when I'm the Mother and need the appreciation!!!

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