Sunday, March 29, 2009

Christina's Party!

Christina's birthday was March 12th and she had her birthday party today! We went to a stable like 15 minutes away and all of the kids got to learn about the horse and ride it around. While kids were riding the horse we had pizza and other activities to do. It was really fun and Rosalind did a great job planning it out! Here are some pictures of the kids on the horse!
Here's the birthday girl, Christina!

Connor, the cowboy!


Christina blowing out her candles!

A cool picture of the pinata! It was a horse!

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Katie and the kiddos!

I realized by the end of the week that I had no pictures of Katie and the kids! She had done a lot with them but it had never really been kodak moments, so here are a few that we snapped towards the end!

Katie and Conner relaxing watching VeggieTales

Katie and Connor

Katie's new boyfriend!

Caroline and Katie

doing what they do best, both of these ladies can make some extraordinary silly faces!

Katie and the Girls! It's really hard to get Christina to look, so at least she's smiling!

And then Katie gets a kiss from Christina too! Lucky Katie!

Katie saw a little bit of what it's like to be a nanny this week, except I was usually the one cleaning while she was watching a movie with the kids! It's ok I made her sweep and mop and other things! We miss you Kates!


Katie thinks she should live on this street...

Sunday, March 22, 2009

New York City BABY!

Well to end Katies wonderful Spring Break we of course had to go to New York City! Here we are waiting for the train that would take us there! Katie's first time on a train! Ok, ok, it's just like the subway...

Katie sporting our matching Orange Sunglasses in Times Square

Me and Katie at Times Square!

We of course had to go to the M&M store! This is our new friend!

Look at all of those Orange M&Ms!!! I must be in Heaven!!!

Cute huh?

Showing off our nifty glasses!

Thursday, March 19, 2009


What happens in Connecticut stays in Connecticut, right?!?!?!

Oh p.s. if you're looking at this don't tell mom...
p.p.s. it's hot chocolate, tell whoever cares!

Bowling! WOOT WOOT!!!

Today Katie and I went bowling, I LOVE BOWLING! We've tried to go a few times this week but it was always waaaaay packed with people! So today we finally went after we took Christina to preschool, there was definitely room for us then. Here's a few pictures of all the fun!

She may look like she knows what she's doing...but she needed the bumpers! Let's just say that she'll be sticking to Wii bowling from now on...

Now this face...this is the face of a pro... (or it's the person whose blog this is so she would lead you to believe that...)

I mean come on...look at that form! Practically a pro-stance!

We didn't even have to rent shoes because we already wear these shoes all of the time...jk...

Katie and I felt bad for this poor guy, he was standing outside in the rain so we let him come and bowl with us, not gonna lie he was a little creepy!

Basically we're too cool for school, that's why Katie's here and not in Mesa at school...
We're straight up G!

Basically Katie and I rock at Guitar Hero, that's all I need to say...
(Yeah we get really into the game sometimes...)

Wasting time!

Katie is seeing what it's like to be a nanny, which sometimes means waiting in the car for the kid's activities to be over. So here we are waiting for Christina's music class to be over this morning. Aren't we soooo cute?!

Wednesday, March 18, 2009


Today Katie and I went with my friend Sydney and the boy she nannies (he's on Spring Break so he was home from school) Robbie to a place called Cosi's and we had Smore's. Here's me and Katie eating ours!

Oh soooo cute!

Here's Robbie roasting his 'mallow, this place had the coolest Smore kits that had this cool little fire thing to roast marshmallows!

Here's Robbie trying to give Sydney a big chocolaty kiss!

Who wouldn't want a kiss from this face?! Haha, he had soooo much chocolate in his mouth!

Monday, March 16, 2009

Stew Leonard's

This week my little sister Katie is visiting me for her Spring Break! I'm so excited! We're going to have soooo much fun!
Now Katie can say she's been to the World's Largest Dairy Store (As featured in Ripley's Believe It or Not)...jealous?

Above her are some singing milk cartons! They're amazing!

Wow they sure have a lot of pistachios! You could practically fill a swimming pool! Ok maybe not!

haha this was the best! This was a wishing well where you throw coins through the cow, duck, or chicken on the far left of the picture and inside each you hit something and it makes the noise the animal would make, it was super funny! We used all of our pennies, which was a lot!

Being at the largest Dairy Store we of course had to get some ice cream! Yum! Don't I take Katie to the best places? jk!

Gotta love it!

How could you not LOVE this cuteness?

Sunday, March 15, 2009

Saturday fun!

Hmmm...what are these two up to? Where's Caroline?!

There she is! Haha, the younger kids had piled like every blanket and pillow we have on her!

Here I am with her!

Silly Faces!

Saturday, March 14, 2009


Today I went on a field trip with Christina's preschool to the play "Stellaluna" it's based off of the book by Janell Cannon, here's what the book looks like:

Christina on the bus, we were soooo excited to go!

Here's part of the play! It was really cute how they did it! This part is where there are three baby birds wondering why Stellaluna hangs upside down like that!

Stellaluna Summary:
Baby bat Stellaluna's life is flitting along right on schedule--until an owl attacks her mother one night, knocking the bewildered batlet out of her mother's loving grasp. The tiny bat is lucky enough to land in a nest of baby birds, but her whole world has just turned upside down. Literally. Stellaluna's adoptive bird mom accepts her into her nest, but only on the condition that Stellaluna will act like a bird, not a bat. Soon Stellaluna has learned to behave like a good bird should--she quits hanging by her feet and starts eating bugs. But when she finally has an opportunity to show her bird siblings what life as a bat is like, all of them are confounded. "How can we be so different and feel so much alike?" one asks. "And how can we feel so different and be so much alike?" asks another. "I agree," Stellaluna responds. "But we're friends. And that's a fact." Anyone who has ever been asked to be someone they're not will understand the conflicts--and possibilities--Stellaluna faces.

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