Saturday, September 3, 2011

Caroline's Furniture!

This week I've been helping Caroline put together some furniture for her new room!  It's been really fun working with Caroline on this, we make a great team!  I love getting to spend this time with her.

Yep we made that!

Roz helping us put together the bed

Sooooo tired of putting things together!

The bed so far... and no we're not done yet, the headboard is a bookcase, I still get to put that together...oh joy...

Friday, September 2, 2011

We love Kaitlynn!

I love calling my sister Rebecca on Skype and my three boys LOVE talking to her daughter Kaitlynn!  Look at how they gather around the computer trying to talk to her!

But really...who wouldn't want to talk to this cute girl?!

Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Out of Gas!

So today I was supposed to take the boys to the Bronx to visit their grandparents because they have power and we don't!  When I got in the car it looked like this:
 So I thought to myself no big deal I'll go get gas, well after about 5 of these signs I really started to get worried!  How do no gas stations have gas?!  Isn't that their job?!
FINALLY at seriously the 10th gas station I tried I finally got gas!  And it was kind of like the prices were these:
 Moral of the story: Next time be prepared and have plenty of gas at home!  Dang Irene!

Monday, August 29, 2011

Grocery Shopping with Irene

So do you want to know another reason you should be prepared before a hurricane?!  Because you may go to the store the next day and it will look like this!

Wow what a wide selection!
 I think I'll take one of everything!
and they had tied these all together so that you couldn't get anything out of them!

Do you know how hard it is to go to the grocery store and not buy ANYTHING that doesn't have to be refrigerated?!  Not easy!

Hurricane Irene

This weekend Hurricane Irene/Tropical Storm Irene (whichever you'd like to call her) paid a visit to our lovely state of Connecticut!  Stores were overrun with people, you couldn't find D batteries anywhere, everyone was buying water, it was pretty crazy!

I spent the night at Roz's house and because they're painting the rooms upstairs here were our sleeping arrangements, Connor, Caroline, and I had a little sleepover downstairs in the family room and Christina was upstairs in her Mom's bed with her.  I woke up a million times in the night because I was thinking about the storm and what the rain/winds could be doing outside!

Connor watching the rain outside.  He was so nervous about the Hurricane all weekend that he followed his mom around the house and then I got there and gave him someone new to follow, let me tell you guys it would have driven you crazy!

A look down Roz's driveway
These HUGE branches fell off of one of her trees and we had to get saws out and clippers to cut them all up because they were just so big!
Ok, ok, this didn't fall down, we put it down just so the winds wouldn't do it for us.
Connor showing off the mess we call a driveway!
Their poor mailbox has seen better days!

Well after a long visit with Irene I finally tried to make my way home, which normally takes 12 minutes from Roz's home, but not when you run into these kinds of obstacles!  Irene was not very nice to us!

This was in the street and people were just driving past it

It took forever to get home and thank goodness I have a gps because I had to take so many roads I've never taken.  I'm pretty sure that most of CT does not have power.  It was interesting to walk into our home and have everyone sitting around the table with candles and flashlights!

This morning I went out to visit my cottage, there are big branches down all around it that you have to climb over get into the cottage but luckily none of them actually fell on the cottage, it survived!

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Painting! The joys!

Lucky me, this week I've been helping Roz paint her kid's bedrooms!  Here are some pictures of the fun we had today!

Christina showing me the color that her wall will be!

Connor hanging out on the top bunk, it's fun when the beds in the middle of the room!

Sydney came and helped today!  So nice of her!  We miss having her around all the time, she's always fun to be with and the kids love her, and with her there's never a dull moment!

Look how cute Christina's hair is today!  She looked like she could be Heidi in the Swiss Alps!  I love practicing on her!  My little girls someday will have the cutest hair!

After we painted one room we were tired and laying on the floor, here we are showing you our dirty, painted hands!

How'd we do?

Tomorrow's job!  Yesterday we had to prime all the walls in here, it was pink!  Can you tell?  It's because I'm just that good!  Tomorrow we get to paint it blue.

Friday, August 19, 2011

Relief Society Activity

Today my ward had a Relief Society Activity where we made headbands to give away! It was a lot of fun spending time with the girls in my ward, we have such a great group of girls! Here are some of the pictures!

April made Caitlyn mad, so she was going to get her revenge! WATCH OUT!

Shannon, my cleanse buddy!

Look we're siamese twins!

Ok now we're normal

What a fun night with some great friends!

Friday, August 5, 2011

Mocktail Party!

Tonight my friend Nate had a "Mock"tail party at his house. He did an AMAZING job! He and another guy in my ward had looked up Cocktails and how to make them online and had so many non-alcoholic things for us to choose from! And they did it with such style! But it was awesome, seriously they pulled out all the stops! I want to do it again! Of course I didn't drink any of the drinks because I don't have sugar, but that just made me the designated driver :) SO MUCH FUN!

Nate with one of his concoctions!

Trying to figure out Wine, since I'm definitely a dummy when it comes to it!

This isn't everyone who came, just the people who stuck around the longest!

My Loyal Followers