Thursday, April 29, 2010

Playing outside with the big kids

Kaitlynn seriously loved the attention she got from the kids, especially from her bud Connor, here he is showing her his car.

She was always so interested in everything he was up to

Me and Kaitlynn walking around!

checking the car out on her own

Yale tour

Today we went and toured Yale, so cool! Here's Kaitlynn enjoying her ride!

Here's Becca and Kaitlynn with Nathan Hale.

Becca's last name is Bingham, so naturally they would take a picture in front of this :)

Here's Kaitlynn telling me how bored she is! She just wants to go home and play with the kids!

Oh but then we found this hammock and she loved it!!!

Me and Kaitlynn in front of Yale's main library

This is the inside of their Rare Books and Archives Library

It was so cool!

There were these weird guys standing all over this one area like this, so weird...

Me and Kaitlynn outside of Yale's School of Law!

Such a fun day! Way cool tour! For more info you should see what Becca wrote on her blog and I was to lazy to write :) click here

Wednesday, April 28, 2010


Becca decided we needed to make cookies and the kids were ALL for that!

Me and Kaitlynn helping with the chocolate chips

they turned out yummy! Thanks Becca!

Pizza night

Here's Kaitlynn with her favorite Aunt!!!!! Oh I just love holding her!

tonight for dinner we decided to make our own little pizzas, here are the kids having fun making them

And while the pizzas were cooking everyone got to play!!!

And here's Connor waiting by the oven for the pizza to be done...sometimes he just makes me want to roll my eyes!

Then after dinner Connor busted out his guitar and started playing some songs for Kaitlynn, she loved it! I put the video in a different post, make sure you check it out!

Connor Guitar

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Just Hanging :)

Kaitlynn loved this and Roz was on the other side of the table freaking out that I would do this to her!


What do you get when you take this cute boy...

and this adorable girl?


This week Kaitlynn got to come play with Luke. I babysit Luke every week and he is just two days older than Kaitlynn, they had a lot of fun playing together! Here they are doing what nine month olds do best! Sticking everything in their mouths!

Time to eat!

Kaitlynn looks like she's being nice but really she was spitting things out and being a bum, while Luke calmly ate everything I gave him :)


We played on the couch for a little while and it was so funny because Luke laid on Kaitlynn and since he can't crawl he didn't move, but she didn't care she was comfortable, you can see her little toes sticking out from under him :)

And what good playdate doesn't end with a kiss? haha he doesn't look like he's liking it too much :)

Monday, April 26, 2010

Playing with the Fam

The kids loved Kaitlynn!!! Loved, loved, loved her! Here's everyone playing with her, she loved all the attention!


Had to take Becca and Kaitlynn to Stew Leonard's of course and Kaitlynn liked it...I think... it was a lot to take in. Here she is meeting a cow

She's saying right here that they're different in CT then they are in ID :)

And right here her mommy is helping her push the button so that it will moo!

Here they are being serenaded by singing milk cartons

Kaitlynn didn't know what to think of the chicketa banana lady :)


This week my sister and her baby Kaitlynn came to visit us! So much fun! Here's Kaitlynn eating, she has such a little attitude!

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