Wednesday, February 5, 2014

New Nanny Position

For those of you who care... I accepted a temporary nanny position in Massachusetts, it’s about 40 mins outside of Boston.  I was looking for nanny positions in New York City and then thought to ask a friend who nannies in Boston about agencies there and all of the sudden the thought of being near Boston seemed like a whole new adventure to me.

Anyways, this stay at home mom cut her hand really badly and had to have surgery to repair it. She of course can’t use her hand which means she can’t drive because legally you have to be able to grip the steering wheel with both hands and she can’t do a lot of simple things around the house or for her three kids.  Hence the need for a nanny!  

The job starts Monday and goes until the end of March for right now but she still doesn’t know when her hand will be better. It will definitely be a new adventure! I'm excited!  Here are a few pictures of the town I'm going to be living in (of course I'll be there in the winter so it's not quite the same!!!):


Rob and Becca Bingham said...

Wow that looks awesome!

Stephanie said...

WHOA!!!!! Lucky duck, that sounds really fun! :)

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