Saturday, February 22, 2014

"One if by land, two if by sea"

This weekend my friend Laura came to visit me from New York.  I haven't seen her in forever so it was a ton of fun to get together and explore Boston together.

So I really know hardly anything about Boston, in fact here's what I know:
Freedom Trail
Boston Red Sox
Boston Marathon
…yep that's about it…
So we tried to do a little research so we could have fun in Boston and here are a few random stories and pictures from our adventures!

We started off the day in the North End of Boston, that place is sooooo full of Italian restaurants its INSANE!  So we of course picked an Italian Restaurant for lunch!  After lunch we bought tickets for an Improv show for that afternoon and then started walking the freedom trail.  We saw Paul Revere's home and the Old North Church and a few other things, but really Laura just wanted to get to Quincy Market. 
When we got there there was a guy doing a show outside in front of a big crowd.  He had someone put him in a straight jacket, tie him up with rope, and then hang him upside down, and surprise, surprise he escaped!  Here's a picture of him hanging upside down before he got out of the straight jacket.

 We walked around and there were a lot of cute things you could buy, but there's a "Cheer's" bar right off of Quincy Market and so they have a souvenir shop for the TV Show "Cheer's" and I loved this little baby onsie that you could buy!

Then they had this music toilet paper that I very seriously considered buying for my little sister… There's a real possibility that I'll go back for it...

After Quincy Market we went and saw our Improv Show and it really was very funny, I would definitely go see them again.  Then we were trying to figure out somewhere to go for dinner and we wanted the ultimate Boston experience, so we picked the oldest restaurant in Boston and the oldest restaurant in continuous service in the U.S the "Union Oyster House" it was established in 1826.  And let me tell you, they did not disappoint!  Look at the poor guy who had to die for me tonight!

(More from our evening in the next post)

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