Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Christmas morning!

 Merry Christmas everyone!!!  Look who came and woke me up this morning!  

 So every year my parents put up a sheet so we can't see what Santa gave us until we go into the room, this was funny because Matthew was pulling on the sheet and making it so he could see in and Kaitlynn was getting really mad because he wasn't allowed to look in!
Look at this cute boy, already learning how to tease his big sister!

Another family tradition is that the youngest gets to go in first so we always have to line up from youngest to oldest to go in.  Here's the clan that was at my parent's home this morning!

We always have someone wear a Santa hat and they hand out the presents to everyone so that there's some sort of order to things.  Then we get to see what everyone got!  This year I was Santa!
Ho Ho Ho!!!

Kaitlynn really likes Toy Story 3 and Woody and was sooooo happy when Santa got them for her!

Later in the afternoon all of my nieces and nephews came over and wow this place became a zoo!!!!

My brother-in-law got a bow for hunting for Christmas and my brother's where trying it out out in the backyard, I asked if I could try it out.  They didn't really think that I could do it and my brother-in-law did have to help me pull it back, but then I aimed and shot it myself and BAM right in the middle of the target!  All of my big brothers were so impressed!  It was awesome!

The cute newlyweds :)

My sister-in-law Jamie and her cute daughter Gracie

A book that will help Jason out greatly!

We had such a great Christmas!  It's so fun to have the kids around to have the excitement of Christmas and to have all of my siblings around to remind me that the true meaning of Christmas is Family, Love, and most of all about the birth of our Savior Jesus Christ!

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